Why Malnutrition Matters

Why is this a trap?

That’s Julia, and she’s 15 months old. Three meals a day she’s been eating tortillas to stay full, because that’s all her family can afford.

She’s not growing, her eyes drift, and she’s not learning. The lack of nutrients in corn, the vast majority of her diet, will leave her damaged forever.

What Julia and her parents don’t know, is that she’s suffering from chronic malnutrition.

Chronic malnutrition affects kids who get enough to eat, but not enough nutrients.

Based on the nutrients in her first two years of life, Julia is more likely to drop out of school, get sick far more often, and earn less. Julia and her future family will stay trapped in poverty.

This is the reality of 50% of Guatemala, where we work, and 25% of the world’s population.

No matter what you care about, chronic malnutrition is an invisible barrier keeping a quarter of the world stuck in the past.

But their story doesn't need to end that way

We have a window of time, right at the beginning of a life, where we can make all the difference. This window is our opportunity to give Julia, and millions of children, the lives they deserve.

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