Our Team

A special recognition to Kristin Lacy, Joseph Bornstein, Brook Golling and Darren Yondorf, four other co-founders of Semilla Nueva during its first iterations and preliminary years.

Curt Bowen

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Curt on the Cob

Trinidad Recinos

Co-Founder & Assistant Collaborations Director


Jake Weisenthal


Maize Man

Víctor Alarcón

Collaborations Technician

Corn King of the East

Angela Bastidas

Senior Operations Director

Doc Maize

Juan José Catalán

Breeding and Production Coordinator

Quality Maize

Hugo Chinchilla

Field Technician


Juan Manuel de León

Sales Representative


Nelson Donis

Sales Representative

Maicero Petenero

Noé Estrada

Senior Sales Representative

Don Fortaleza

Henry Figueroa

Sales Representative

Pistolero Maíz

Lucero Flores Montenegro

Marketing Coordinator


Karen López

Collaborations Director

Corn Queen

Amanda Harvey

Partnerships Coordinator

Corn Bred

Alicia Helfrich

Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Corny Puns

Paola Martínez

General Accountant

Corn Counter

Rachel Pak

Communications Coordinator

Pak of Corn

Vinicio Pinto

Sales Coordinator

El Maicero

Baptiste Teyssier

Marketing Coordinator

French Tassel

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