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Analista de Mercadeo

 El Analista de Mercadeo es responsable de las investigaciones comerciales de la organización (tanto investigación de mercados como evaluación de marca/producto y desempeño), y el diseño e implementación de las tácticas de promoción decididas por la estrategia de mercadeo. El analista de mercadeo desempeñará un papel fundamental en la recopilación, análisis y síntesis de datos esenciales para comprender nuestro papel en el mercado y para garantizar una recopilación de datos de alta calidad, necesaria para evaluar nuestro impacto y reportar a donantes. Por la diversidad de actividades a las cuales se enfrenta la posición, un día típico podrá ser entrevistando agricultores o coordinando eventos de promoción en el campo, así como diseñando materiales que el departamento de mercadeo le pueda solicitar.

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Auxiliar de Laboratorio

 El auxiliar de laboratorio apoyará la operación y mantenimiento de equipos y materiales del laboratorio de determinación de contenidos de Zinc y Hierro, así como el manejo apropiado de muestras para análisis.

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Development and Communications Coordinator

We are hiring a Development & Communications Coordinator to advance Semilla Nueva’s donor engagement and communication strategy. The ideal candidate will be an exceptional writer with experience working for NGOs and/or social enterprises. They will use research and relationship management skills to identify and pursue and new funders to help Semilla Nueva reach its ambitious 2020 and 2021 funding goals. They will use creative and technical writing skills to craft compelling grant applications. Working closely with the Program and Development Manager, the coordinator will elevate Semilla Nueva’s storytelling, partnership engagement, and communications capacity. Based on experience, the coordinator may also support grant reporting and management.

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Development Director

We are hiring a development director to help our organization expand its annual budget from the current $1.5 million per year to the $2.5 million we will need to improve the national nutrition of Guatemala and begin expanding internationally. This position will lead relationship building and proposal development with new donors (individual and institutional), reporting, and work with the operations team to develop our monitoring and evaluation systems. This role will take advantage of Semilla Nueva’s success, growth, and improved impact data to expand our relationship with multilateral and bilateral donors as well as the impact focused foundations that have been our principal donors to date.

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Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is 1 of the 4 departmental leadership positions at the organization. S/he is responsible for day-to-day management of Semilla Nueva’s business and strategic relationships with government and partner organizations. The position oversees 3 departments – sales, marketing, and strategic partnerships/collaborations – and a full-time staff of 10 people. This position will be deeply integrated within Semilla Nueva’s leadership structure with a special focus on operational execution and improvement. The operations manager will also participate in meetings, help set strategic direction, address human resource and policy issues, investigate new strategies, and assist the organization in launching new programs and initiatives. S/he will report directly to the Senior Operations Director.

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Program and Development Manager

We are hiring a Program and Development Manager to manage project reporting and administration, lead relationship building and proposal development with new donors, manage Semilla Nueva’s communications, and assist in the design of M&E systems. This role will be responsible for understanding and following rules of large donors such as USAID, collaborating with Semilla Nueva’s finance and operations teams to build systems for compliance, leading Semilla Nueva’s general and project specific reporting processes, and working with Semilla Nueva’s M&E coordinator to design the processes and data tracking that will make reporting possible. The Program and Development Manager will also collaborate closely with the executive director to develop relationships with both existing and new donors, oversee some proposal writing, and oversee Semilla Nueva’s communication strategy.

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Semilla Nueva fellowships are designed for individuals who want to gain on-the-ground experience in a dynamic international NGO. You will not be pushing paper, here you’ll be getting your hands dirty and expected to be a contributor from the start. Our fellowships are unpaid and typically require a 6 month commitment.

Check out the video below we made for a video competition of a former fellow from Iowa State, Katelyn Fritz.

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